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STEALTH 20K OW-20 API SN Quantum Stealth 20K; 0W-20 is a Fully Synthetic Motor Oil is excellent for use in HYBRID vehicles and all
ROTARY RX-WILD SAE 10W-50 Quantum Petroleum RX-WILD 10W-50 Racing Oil provides superior performance and maximum protection in high-performance and racing applications. RX-WILD is engineered


CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE TRANSMISSION Designed for use in various CVT applications and as a part of the design, Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) Operate very differently
Cylinder Oil & Trunk Piston Engine Oil HORNET is a multi-functional marine diesel engine oil recommended for system oils and low & High TBN
ISO VG 220, 320, 460 & 680 AURORA Industrial Gear Oil Gear Oils are high performance oils recommended for use in most industrial gear
ISO VG 32 & 68 Turbine Oil is a very high quality, rust and oxidation (R&O) inhibited circulating oil developed for use in industrial


Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicles Hellcat is specially developed for veteran, vintage or classic vehicle is essential for ensuring peak running condition and maximum
Power Steering Fluid Recommended for all vehicles which is inclusive but not limited for Cars, Heavy duty vehicles and others. Power Steering Fluid provides
Recommended for all type of Motorcycles. Motorcycle chain lubricants is developed with highly refined paraffin base oil with special additives that have properties of
API SM SAE 20W-50 Recommended for vehicles manufactured from year 2004 onward With API Compliance. QUANTUM Thunder Superbike is the next generation ultimate performance fully synthetic multi-grade