Quantum Petroleum has full capabilities for contract manufacturing and toll blending services on a highly confidential basis. We supply manufactured lubricant product to many Australian, Asian, European and Eastern Europe companies large and small in a variety of industries including mining, agriculture, automotive, industrial and various defense product. We can handle and blend with most classes; whether API standards, OEM, ACEA or to your specific formulae. We have the expertise to blend product economically, safely and accurately. Quantum Petroleum specializes in the blending of high-end formulations with virgin Base Oil, and the best additives imaginable at a low price.

You can request Quantum Petroleum to be your exclusive Manufacturer and supplier, and we guarantee you the highest quality lubricant oil products.

See our video introducing the only technology of its kind.

Quality assured.

We have forged a reputation for timely and cost effective delivery of blending services.


At our licensed manufacturing facility in Pulau Indah, Westport Selangor we have the capability to manufacture both large and small more volumes of customized product batches. Due diligence for contract manufacturing can involve one or more of the following factors;

  • Confidentiality
  • Capacity, lead times and our track record
  • Cost and economy of scale for various contract sizes
  • Formula development and / or improvement
  • Professional design services
  • Production of Lubes with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Contract storage and logistical support

Quantum Petroleum Lubricants has strengths in all the above areas; whether it is our own experienced chemists both been in house as well as our partners been SGS, Intertek, and ALR.

Most importantly, we have the capacity with numerous blending tanks, ensuring the final product is contamination free.

Why not book an appointment and make the best lubricant Manufacturer your partner.

Contact us on;

Telephone     : + 60 331 013997

Facsimile       : + 60 331 014997/5997

Email :   office@quantumpetroleum.com.au

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