At Quantum each product produced is immediately batch tested. Each batch is tested for viscosity, NOACK volatility, cold crank, performance additive composition, water and sediment content, Brookfield viscosity (where applicable), density, specific gravity and ASTM colour.

For each outbound bulk shipment, a retained product sample is collected during the loading process. The product is submitted to our laboratory for a second round of redundant testing to again confirm compliance with our stringent standards. An approved Certificate of Analysis is then sent with each outbound order. Retained samples are maintained at our facility for 6 months.

Quantum maintains partnerships with key additive suppliers staying on the leading-edge of emerging lubricant technology and future trends. Our technical team is constantly working on new lubricant innovation to provide new solutions to the marketplace.

Quantum oils exceed stringent industry performance standards.

ALL Quantum products are backed by our 100% Product Warranty Guarantee.

Our warranty covers every part of your vehicle from any form of lubricant related failure.

[Click here to download Quantum Guarantee Certificate]

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