Quantum Petroleum [M] S/B (QP) is a leading integrated Lubricant Oil company in Australia, Asia and Europe, comprises QP, has the most sophisticated innovative technology in both quality and consistency.

The Group operates a regional distribution and a large network in various countries and manage the brand within our brand strategy. Besides these regional operations, our Exploration & Production Division focuses on the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and in Europe,

As the Lubricating division of Quantum Petroleum we are a high quality lubricant producer and distributor of different lubricants called Quantum Petroleum., exporting 100 of products to various countries.

As the only automated lubricant manufacturer in Asia, the priority element of our business policy is to perform flexible and quick services to our customers and partners in the most reliable fashion.

We can cover any kind of lubricating need with our products offering for industrial, automotive channels. So in our portfolio you can find a wide variety of engine oils, gear oils, turbine oils, hydraulics, ATF, marine lubricants, fully and semi synthetic, OEM’s and many more.

For  implementing  our  objectives  we  have  developed  a  modern  flexible  and  efficient organization. Our organizational structure ensures that we can simultaneously approach the reliable services to our partners, the protection of our environment and the proper market behaviour as basic values.

It is our principle that our relations with our partners are characterized by simplicity. Accordingly to our sales force – who is working within the groups named Retailers network, Industry, Transport and Exports – handle all needs and requests of our customers.

Our current distributors around the world represent wide range of business sectors to lubricants specialists, and they are all sizes. Although we have consistent sales network regionally, we are open to search further business opportunities all around the word.

We are looking for partners who want to become our distributors, with reliable local market knowledge.

For our future partners we can offer fair profitability, with a wide range of portfolio, with ready to use business solutions.

For further product or trading process information please contact us at office@quantumpetroleum.com.au or facsimile: + 60 3 31014997/5997

Australia   : +61 434 399468 (Mobile)

Asia         : + 60 17 616 0240

Europe     : + 359 888 773245

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