About Us

A unique advanced technology electronic and computerised system has been manufactured especially by Quantum Petroleum for manufacturing lubricants, that measures all Oils and additives by calculating the weight through special designed scales by Quantum Petroleum, all Lubricants are scaled ensuring the perfect information of volume and quantity that are processed and blended with accuracy with a minimal variation been 1/1000 both in quality and quantity.

Quantum Petroleum is the first that produces the highest quality lubricant in accordance with API & OEM with a minimum variation that does not exceed 1/1000. This has been established for Quantum’s special requirement, depleting contamination throughout the process of manufacturing.  Our Intellectual process Monitoring & Control systems is attached with Quantum’s computerized PLC and controlled software programmable to 200,000 readable items established especially for Quantum Petroleum.

Quantum Petroleum’s inherent technology strength and manufacturing expertise will ensure that it maintains not only its leadership role in the Asian environment, but will also enable it to enhance its export program both in franchise and in product.

Quantum Petroleum also provides other distinctive features that far exceed those in the market place. It supports an important application whereas the PLC system can be controlled from anywhere in the world, allowing the management/blender(s) to blend any amount in quantity and quality.

This technology is the exclusive property of Quantum Petroleum and are protected under the Intellectual Property, Trade Secrets, Copyright, Trademark and Patent laws around the world.

Products & Services

Prompted by consumer decisions that increasingly require synthetic and semi synthetic ingredients in favour of the alternatives, so-called “ethical” consumers demand.

With more information available to consumers through increased media attention, as well as the assurance given by Quantum Petroleum certification, consumers are able to make more discerning decisions about their oil products. It is not enough to put a few well-chosen phrases on the packaging. Consumers want to know the true story behind a product’s manufacture, and see through any shallow attempts at the end result.

Quantum Petroleum is the first company in Malaysia as from March 2020 to use the quality of ILSAC GF-6A, GF-6B and 0w-16.