Veteran, Vintage & Classic Vehicles

Hellcat is specially developed for veteran, vintage or classic vehicle is essential for ensuring peak running condition and maximum wear protection for your engine. Quantum Petroleum produce a range of famous Classic oil to the correct formulations and viscosities as originally recommended by the vehicle manufacturers, but now using the latest technology, where appropriate, and low detergent formulations to protect your veteran, vintage and classic vehicle.

Hellcat are manufactured from hydro-treated, virgin base oils selected for their clarity, thermal stability and resistance to oxidation. These oils are fortified with anti-foam additives and intended for use in older vehicles where the need for economical lubricants is more important than long term anti-wear protection.

Meets the Specifications of:

  • API SD
  • API CC

Customer Benefits

  • Variety of grades for various climates
  • Hydro-dynamic lubricating film on engine parts
  • Heat away from combustion zone
  • Mixes safely with all OEM fluids
  • Economical lubrication for older vehicles & small motorcycles


Typical Product Performance

Characteristics HELLCAT 15000 HELLCAT 14000 HELLCAT 13000
 SAE Grade  20W-50 50  40
Density @ 15 C, kg/l 0.887  0.888  0.887
Pour Point,  C -31  -31  -34
Flash Point,  C 227  227  226
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
@ 40 C 143.57  141.79  131.57
@ 100 C 17.20  19.59  15.4
Viscosity Index 130.59  128.63  134.28
Cold Cranking Visc @ -15C, cP 7204.66      –     –

The product typical may change without notice, however the performance of the product would meet; exceed the API; OEM requirements.

Recommended Oil Interval Changes

We recommend the oil change at 5000km. The oil change intervals can be as short as 5,000 km or as long 7,000 km on some well maintained vehicles. We recommend that you follow the oil and filter change frequencies shown in your owner’s manual. With the high-performance mineral engine oil, you can have the confidence to go the full mileage or time frame recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

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