Harrier 16000

Harrier 16000


Harrier 16000
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API CH-4 SAE 15W-40

Recommended for vehicles manufactured from year 2012 onwards.
QUANTUM Harrier 16000 is advanced performance SAE 15W-40 multi-grade diesel engine oil for use in the most severe on-highway and off-highway applications. It is specially engineered for modern, high-output, low-emission engines including those fitted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) as well as older high speed turbo charged engines running on low sulphur diesel or conventional high sulphur diesel fuel.

 An advances additive system ensures excellent control over soot induced wear, high temperature piston deposits, corrosion, foaming and oxidation stability. It also provides excellent resistance to bore polishing, a high level of wear protection and ensures superior engine cleanliness at extended drain intervals.

Meet the Specifications of:

  • API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/CF/SL
  • ACEA E7-12(2012), ACEA E7-08 ISSUE 2 (2010)
  • MB 228.3
  • MAN M 3275
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • MTU Type 2
  • Deutz DQC III-10
  • Mack EO-N , Mack EO-M Plus
  • Renault Truck RLD-2
  • Cummins CES 20077
  • Cummins CES 20078
  • Global DHD-1
  • Detroit Diesel DDC 93K215

Customer Benefits

  • Exceeds all major American, European and Japanese OEM and Industry specifications.
  • Excellent performance with extended oil drains intervals on low emission engines.
  • Exceptional soot dispersion, preventing deposits on critical engine components and provide excellent protection from soot induced wear.
  • Excellent TBN retention effectively extends drain interval capability.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability that minimized low temperature sludge build-up and high temperature deposits.

Typical Product Performance

Characteristics API CH-4  SAE 15W-40
Density @ 15 C, kg/l 0.884
Pour Point,  C -31
Flash Point,  C 220
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt
@ 40 C 92.73
@ 100 C 13.69
Viscosity Index 149.74
Cold Cranking Visc @ -20C, cP 4118.38
HTHS @ 150C (cP) 3.850

The product typical may change without notice, however the performance of the product would meet; exceed the API; OEM requirements.

Recommended Oil Interval Changes

Oil change intervals can be as short as 5,000 km or as long 13,000 km on some well maintained vehicles. We recommend that you follow the oil and filter change frequencies shown in your owner’s manual. With the high-performance engine oil, you can have the confidence to go the full mileage or time frame recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Harrier 16000 is especially suitable for the vehicles with extended drain intervals or vehicles with oil monitoring systems that vary oil drain intervals. and this is subject to first time Quantum Engine Flush.



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