Harrier 18000
Harrier 18000
Harrier 18000

Harrier 18000


Harrier 18000
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API CI-4 Plus/SL SAE 15W-40

Recommended for Introduced in 2002. For high-speed, four-stroke engines designed to meet 2004 exhaust emission standards implemented in 2002. CI-4/ Plus oils are formulated to sustain engine durability where exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) is used and are intended for use with diesel fuels ranging in sulfur content up to 0.5% weight. Can be used in place of CD, CE, CF-4, CG-4, and CH-4 oils. Some CI-4 oils may also qualify for CI-4 PLUS designation and CK-4. QUANTUM Harrier 18000 is a Semi Synthetic is advanced performance SAE 15W-40 multigrade diesel engine oil.

Quantum Petroleum Harrier 18000 Plus/SL SAE 15W-40 multigrade lubricant is a high-technology that combines a perfect balance of paraffinic base oils API Synthetic Group (hydroprocessed) technology and the most modern of additives, to be used with diesel fuels with a range of sulfur content up to 0.5% by weight including those with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR engines) or ACERT™ technology.

Meet the Specifications of:

  • API CI-4 Plus/CI-4/CF-4/CF/SL
  • ACEA E7-12(2012), ACEA E7-08
  • ISSUE 2 (2010)
  • MAN M 3277
  • Volvo VDS-3
  • MTU Type 2
  • Deutz DQC III-10
  • Detroit Diesel DFS 93K214
  • Renault Truck RLD-2
  • Cummins CES 20077
  • Cummins CES 20078
  • Global DHD-1
  • Detroit Diesel DDC 93K215
  • MB-Approval 228.3

Customer Benefits

  • This API CI-4 Plus/SL high viscosity index improver ensures easy flow at low temperatures and an excellent protective film in critical are of the engine.
  • Possesses excellent resistance to oxidation by reducing prolonged oil thickening, sludge and varnish formation.
  • Minimizes deposits on the valves and the piston crown, thus reducing oil consumption.
  • Excellent dispersion properties to control soot and the formation of deposits to avoid clogging the filter, sludge, abrasive wear and increase in viscosity, allowing your engine to work longer in optimal conditions.
  • Proper number of base (BN) counteracts the corrosion generated by acidic substances formed during the combustion process.
  • Its defoaming technology prevents the entrapment of air by reducing the oxidation of oil and engine warm-up.

 Typical Product Performance

Characteristics API CI-4 Plus/SL SAE 15W-40
Density @ 15 C, kg/l 0.863
Total Base Number mgKOH/g ASTM 2896 9.0
Flash Point,  C 212
@ 100 C  13.25
Water Content (Karl Fisher) < 0.1
FTR Soot % FTR 0.7
Elemental Analysis PPM ICP-OES
Zink 1001
Aluminum <1
Calcium 3018

The product typical may change without notice, however the performance of the product would meet & exceed the API & OEM requirements.

Recommended Oil Interval Changes

We recommend that you follow the oil and filter change frequencies as shown in the owner’s manual. The oil change intervals also can be as short as 15,000 km or as long 30,000 km on some well-maintained vehicles. With the high-performance lubricant oil, you can have the confidence to go the full mileage or time frame recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Harrier 18000 Semi Synthetic is especially suitable for the vehicles with extended drain intervals or vehicles with oil monitoring systems that vary oil drain intervals.

It is always recommended that you use the Quantum Flush whereas this will ensure that  your vehicle or equipment  will obtain the highest benefit and gain fuel efficiency, it is a one time only.



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